Shawl Vest
€ 42,50
€ 25,00

KAYA yoga wear: Fit  Follows  Function

Kaya Yoga Wear was born in England out of the frustrations of a daily yoga practice in uncomfortable clothes. Over the years of practicing and teaching it was clear that  few clothes were practical and comfortable on the mat, yet cool or stylish enough to wear after class. You ultimately resort to old tanktops and that one pair of yoga pants that would fit ok, and so would wear until threadbare. So, enough was enough, Kaya decided to design and make her own collection.
As a result, every item in the Kaya collection was designed with practicality in mind, yet still flattering on the body. Each piece is tried and tested by the designer herself and fellow practitioners of all shapes and sizes across the globe. From daily washing after sweaty classes in the tropical heat at the equator, to cold winter mornings in the Northern hemisphere.
Although initially inspired by Yoga, both practise and philosophy, the clothes are also perfect for all sports and activities, as well as for just hanging out.